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Jenny De Ruiter RN

Cosmetic Nurse Specialist and Medical Injector
Brief info

Although Jenny has been with us since 2004, she has been a Cosmetic Nurse Specialist since 1998, when she first realized that she "felt good to make people feel good". Jenny is recognized as a pioneer in the aesthetic medical field in Canada and has served as a trainer for a number of leading injectable products. She was there in the beginning, before BOTOX® became the most popularly performed procedure in the world (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons) and when the only type of filler available was collagen. For over 15 years, Jenny has actively participated in the evolution of aesthetic medicine from simple wrinkle-filling to what it has become today: natural improvement of the whole face.

Her approach of taking time to personally know you, listening to your needs and informing you of your array of options serves to foster patient confidence in your care. This inherently honest approach has won her the accolades and appreciation of her patients, and has helped many achieve satisfaction within their expectations. In fact, many of Jenny's patients have been with her for 10 years and more! Jenny has performed so many treatments to such a high level of satisfaction that she is currently the Number Two Top Injector in Southwestern Ontario according to Allergan (the makers of BOTOX® and Juvéderm®). This ranking includes multi-injector practices.

Her philosophy: “We are the age we are…we just want to look good for that age!”

Because Jenny believes in providing you with the best possible product for your unique physiology and concern, she has been trained and certified to administer a complete range of injectables:

  • Restylane®
  • Perlane®
  • Radiesse®
  • BOTOX®
  • Juvéderm®
  • Selphyl®

During your pre-treatment consultation, she will listen to your goals and customize a treatment plan that fully addresses your needs. This is particularly important, since it’s your goals that she’ll strive to achieve. Jenny never decides what you want–you decide what you want, and she helps you achieve it. She is so confident in her abilities that Jenny offers a BOTOX® guarantee.