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It’s difficult to place our skin into the same category as our other vital organs when we can see and touch it, but it is just as important that we take care of it to support our health and well-being.

By default, your skin takes the brunt of the abuse your body receives on a daily basis. Sun and wind exposure, not drinking enough water, lack ofsleep, food choices, prescription medications – these can all affect the appearance and texture of your skin.

Major advances in skincare research have led Teoxane to create a comprehensive line of what we call “cosmeceuticals,” or cosmetic products that don’t only improve the appearance of your skin; they possess medicinal properties to help heal and nourish it.

Teoxane is the only skincare treatment currently available on the market containing cross-linked Hyaluronic acid, made specifically for post-injectable use. Optimal results are seen when these cosmeceuticals are used in conjunction with Teosyal dermal fillers.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Commonly known as HA, Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that our bodies naturally produce. It is responsible for lubricating our joints, eyes and skin. As we age, our bodies produce less and less on their own. By the time we reach our forties, we’re producing about 50% of what our bodies require. This is why it is so much easier to get crow’s feet, sagging jaw lines and dry, papery-looking skin.

How can Teoxane help?

Teoxane uses the same resilient Hyaluronic acid (RHA), a technology utilized in Teosyal dermal filler products; it works to create a protective, hydrating barrier on the surface of the skin, helping maintain hydration.

The cross-linked nature of this special Hyaluronic acid aids in creating a sort of scaffolding for tissues that have lost their elasticity.

As a humectant, HA draws moisture to itself and holds it. When your skin is well-hydrated, it looks younger, has a more even tone, less fine lines and a noticeably smoother texture.

What is in Teoxane?

Teoxane is a specially formulated line of products, combining the main active ingredient, RHA, with Dermo-Restructuring Complex, a nutrient-rich combination of three antioxidants, 8 amino-acids, 2 minerals, and vitamin B6. Each and every one of these ingredients works towards nourishing and repairing your skin.

How do I choose which Teoxane products to use?

With its wide range of skincare products specially formulated to work synergistically with Teosyal, it is simple to find a combination to create exactly what you need. You and your skin care professional can determine which products would be the most beneficial for your skin and those areas of your face and neck that might require a little extra nourishment and support.

We’re proud to offer this innovative system of skincare that helps you maintain the incredible results you’ll receive from Teosyal. Still have questions? Please ask us about how Teoxane can improve your skin – inside and out.