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The shape of your face and the balance of your features rely on your facial skeleton and the soft tissues that lie over it. A lack of aesthetic balance of your facial features is attributed to inadequate tissue development, a concern that can be corrected with facial implants.

Implants for the cheek, chin, and jaw are designed to permanently enhance your facial skeleton three dimensionally. Made from solid biocompatible materials like medical-grade silicone, they give sharper definition to your bone structure so that you can enjoy an improved aesthetic harmony of your features. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Brown, custom carves your implant to your unique specifications in order to achieve the most beautiful, natural-looking result you expect. Call to book your consultation at Briarwood Cosmetic Surgical Centre in Oakville at 905-849-4282.

There are three types of implants for the face:

Cheek Implants

Also known as malar implants or cheek augmentation, cheek implants create the appearance of more prominent cheekbones and a smoother, fuller contour that minimizes the creases surrounding your nose and mouth. Depending on their placement, implants may increase or decrease the width of your face. For women, it creates an overall shape that is associated with youthfulness while for men, it is designed to make facial stronger and more masculine.

Patients have also found that fuller cheeks make undereye bags less prominent!

Chin Implants

Also known as chin augmentation or genioplasty, chin implants enhance the key feature of the lower part of the face by improving its shape, projection, width, and height.  Most patients seek to address a weak or undefined chin that “blends into the neck” too much (microgenia). This is a concern that affects a patient’s side profile more and can make the nose appear undesirably larger and more prominent. In fact, patients have experienced a pleasing enhancement of their facial contour from chin implants alone, rather than undergoing the more complex procedure of nose surgery (both procedures can also be performed to achieve optimal results).

When looking at a patient’s face from the front, aesthetic preferences tend to be determined by gender. A masculine chin is generally wider and more squared, so that the face resembles more of a rectangle or square. A feminine chin is generally narrower, so that the overall shape of the face resembles an inverted triangle.

Jaw Implants

Also known as mandibular augmentation, jaw implants are designed to enhance the shape and width of your lower face, creating a defined border that better distinguishes your face from your neck. It can also reduce the presence of jowls, a common sign of aging. While most patients are men, some women also find that better facial balance  can be achieved with a more angular, chiseled jawline, much like high fashion models.