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Breast lift is one of the most rewarding cosmetic surgical procedures for women because of its ability to reclaim fullness of the breast contour. Gravity, aging and dramatic weight fluctuations cause tissues to weaken and stretch, making the shape of the breasts lose their fullness. The breasts flatten against the body and the nipples gradually point downward.

A breast lift reshapes the breasts to reclaim the fullness you once had when you were younger, so that cleavage is also enhanced. The nipples and areolae are also repositioned higher, giving you a more youthful appearance.

There are many reasons for having a breast lift. Many women find as they mature that the forces of gravity take over; or after pregnancy, breasts begin to droop, sag and lose shape. Perhaps the upper portions of your breasts have simply lost their fullness and projection. The goal of a breast lift is to make your breasts look perkier, fuller and more youthful.

While a breast lift is ideal for women who want to address sagging and lost fullness, it is important to understand that the procedure, by itself, does not enlarge the breasts or add volume. Achieving a larger size can only be achieve with a procedure known as breast enlargement (augmentation mammaplasty), a procedure that can be conducted at the same time as your breast lift. Breast enlargement is particularly helpful in filling out the upper portions of your breasts for total rejuvenation. Your private medical consultation with our head plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Brown, can help you determine whether one or both procedures are necessary to achieve the final result you desire.