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liposuction oakville

It can be very frustrating when you work out and diet regularly, yet see no improvement in your problem areas, such as your hips, stomach and thighs. This is because your body naturally stores fat in these areas and there is little you can do to get rid of them entirely, or even minimize them to the degree you'd like. Liposuction, also known as liposculpture and lipoplasty, is one of the only ways to remove localized deposits of fat, allowing you to have the improved body contour and shape you desire.

Dr. Stephen Brown has performed liposuction for over 25 years and shares his expertise in advanced surgical techniques with residents training in plastic surgery at McMaster University's Department of Medicine. His unique approach to liposuction doesn't just remove unwanted fat — he designs the treatment to sculpt your body instead, so that treated areas become more toned and your whole body looks sleeker and trimmer. Like most of our patients, you'll find that you'll be able to (and want to) show off your new body in the clothes you want to wear.

Call 905-849-4282 to book your private medical appointment with Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown established Briarwood Cosmetic Surgical Center in order to provide a superior level of care in cosmetic surgery for patients with higher expectations. Our facility houses state-of-the-art liposuction technologies that allow you to experience a positive transformation of your appearance and confidence.

Common locations for liposuction include the chin, cheeks, neck, upper arms, above breasts, hips, thighs, knees, calves, buttocks, and ankles.

After your procedure, you'll be able to get back to work in one to two weeks, and back to strenuous activities in about two to four weeks. Dr. Brown performs advanced techniques that keep your recovery period to a minimum, so that you can get back to living sooner than later. Patients often comment that dealing with the recovery process is totally worth the results, since they the improvement appears faster than if they had just stuck with their usual exercise and diet regimen.

Liposuction gives you the sculptured, proportionate body that you want. Call 905-849-4282 to book your medical appointment.

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Memberships and Qualifications held by Dr. Stephen Brown

Dr. Stephen Brown is affiliated with a number of prominent professional organizations. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as a member in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, where he also serves as an Expert Witness. In addition, he is a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery.

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