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African American Rhinoplasty Specialist

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Being such a prominent feature of your appearance, your nose contributes greatly to the aesthetic quality of your face. For this reason, a major concern with rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery, is controlling the extent of correction your plastic surgeon performs. You don’t want to “over correct” your perceived flaws, as the results may appear artificial and not in harmony with your overall facial proportions. This is something all rhinoplasty patients express concern about during their pre-surgical consultation with Dr. Brown, and it is of particular concern for patients who want to preserve their ethnic appearance, such as those who are African Americans. One of the best things about you and your face is the distinguishing factors that are connected with your ethnic identity. So, how can you improve your appearance without negatively impacting your natural facial proportions?

Common Features That Characterize the African American Nose

Please note that the following characteristics are very generally speaking. Not all patients who are African Americans may possess these characteristics. In addition, these characteristics may be shared by patients from other backgrounds.

In general, African-Americans have a broader nasal bridge. Their noses tend to have wider nostrils and a broad nasal tip. A frequent request Dr. Brown receives is to thin the nostrils just a bit and add more definition to the nasal tip. Knowing that African-Americans tend to have thicker skin and weaker cartilage means being strategic in correcting issues. Dr. Brown will listen to your concerns and make the wanted changes with just a slight modification of the cartilage or bone in such a way that stays true to your cultural identity.

For those African Americans who are concerned with having wide nostrils that flatten out when they smile, Dr. Brown can reduce or narrow their nostrils (alar base narrowing). In alar base narrowing, common practice is usually to cut into parts of the nostril to thin them out. Dr. Brown will discuss with you if he will actually be reshaping the entire nostrils to reduce visible scarring. Because each nose is different, the technique used will depend on your needs, concerns and the best surgical technique to achieve the results you want.

Due to weak cartilage and lack of definition, some African Americans have a wide nasal tip and are looking to improve its prominence and definition. Dr. Brown can address this concern by remodeling the existing cartilage or grafting cartilage from somewhere else (usually the ear or septum) to modify the tip.

Another common concern is a wide nose bridge. This can be caused by cartilage that is weak or insufficient. To thin out a wide nose bridge, Dr. Brown may narrow the bridge bone. To keep this change looking natural, there may be a need to define the nasal tip, as well.

Dr. Brown considers the placement of any incisions carefully before proceeding with surgery, and applies advanced surgical techniques to allow for invisible or “barely there” scars. Patients with thicker skin prone to abnormal scarring appreciate this, and it is something that has contributed to the high satisfaction rate for which Dr. Brown is renowned.

Discuss your concerns and wishes with Dr. Brown in depth as you plan for your nose job. His careful consideration, experience and talent will ensure that your wants and needs are met while never detracting from your unique cultural beauty.

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Memberships and Qualifications held by Dr. Stephen Brown

Dr. Stephen Brown is affiliated with a number of prominent professional organizations. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as a member in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, where he also serves as an Expert Witness. In addition, he is a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery.

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