Why Breast Augmentation?

January 30th, 2014 by Briarwood

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It’s common for women to be unhappy with at least one part of their bodies and for many women, it’s the breasts that cause the most concern. It’s common to worry about their size, shape, and everything else in between. Enter breast augmentation.

So, What Should I Know about Breast Augmentation?

Size: Breast augmentation isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. Some people may look good in a DD while you’re better off in a C cup. Take your existing measurements and talk to your plastic surgeon before making any decisions. Take your proportions into account. Many women have the instinct to go very large but this can cause further problems in many instances.

Health Risks: Like any kind of surgery, there are health risks that come along with breast augmentation. One complication is capsular contracture, in which excess scar tissue develops around the implant inside the body. This causes hardening of the breast and implant and often deformity of the breast itself. The cause of this is unknown and it’s not a common occurrence, but it is something that can happen after surgery.

Changing Your Mind: Breast augmentation is an invasive surgery that achieves a permanent improvement of your body contour. However, situations and people’s bodies do change over time. Your plastic surgeon can explain to you the options available to you down the line should you need your implants altered or removed.

The best thing to remember is that any cosmetic surgery should be thought over before proceeding. Ensure that a professional is consulted before any decisions are made and if you decide a breast augmentation is right for you, make sure the surgeon you choose is a skilled professional who will provide the great results you want.

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