Say Goodbye to Scarring

December 7th, 2013 by Briarwood

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Whenever you break or irritate the skin, a scar forms. This is a natural part of the healing process. It is necessary, as well, because the purpose of the scar is to cover the wound with skin that is as resilient as what is unaffected and surrounding it. Unfortunately, in some cases the resulting scar can be quite visible, being different in both tone and texture. This can take away from the beauty of your complexion.

If you’ve got a pesky scar you want to get rid of, its appearance and undesirable texture can be minimized with the following things:

  • Laser technologies to improve tone and texture
  • Fillers to make them more uniform in texture
  • Silicone gel sheets
  • Scar Removal Surgery

These scar removal techniques have all been proven to be effective and safe for patients, as long as Dr. Brown has been able to medically assess the scar first.

So which one scar removal technique right for you? Call us to find out at 905-849-4282! Dr. Brown will inspect your scar as well as your skin to determine the best course of treatment to achieve the results you want.

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