Erasing Vascular Lesions

January 15th, 2014 by Briarwood

Vascular lesions are discolourations that are caused by blood vessels and capillaries that form just below the surface of the skin. They do not go away on their own, and are permanent marks on a person’s skin. Some common ones that our patients often request to have removed include spider veins, port wine stains and cherry angiomas. Often reddish and sometimes abnormally textured, laser and intense pulsed light technology like photofacial rejuvenation is very effective in their removal.

Following each session, patients may experience some tenderness, bruising and sensitivity. These gradually fade as the skin recovers form treatment. It is common to experience crusting as well, since the damaged top layers of skin need to shed to expose the healthier, less blemished layers underneath. An improvement tends to appear after a couple of weeks, with results getting better and better as time goes on. This occurs because your body needs time to build up fresh new skin cells. According to clinical research, 80% of the original blemish fades by the eighth or tenth session on average. Blemishes caused by smaller, more superficial veins and capillaries tend to require far less treatments. In fact, we have found that our patients only require one session to achieve a dramatic improvement.

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