February 7th, 2014 by Briarwood

A plastic surgeon and a biomedical engineer from Israel have designed, what they claim to be, the world’s lightest silicone filled breast implants. Known as B-Lite, the implants have been approved for the European market but not North American (this could take up to 7 years!). It’s good news for patients who are concerned about the weight of larger implants which are heavier, and can weight up to a pound each. Heavier breasts tend to sag faster, and can also contribute to the common concerns related to the excess weight on the chest, such as shoulder and back pain.

The implants are designed with the same silicone shell that other implants have, but contain a cohesive silicone gel filling that features hollow microspheres to make them lighter. In fact, they are about 30% lighter than the breast implants available today. All materials used in the implant are medical-grade for safety.

According to news reports, there is another team that is developing a lightweight implant, however the Israelis were the first to get approval and have a product that could be sold to the general public.

We are looking forward to when lightweight implants become available in Canada!

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