Plastic Surgeons Consider The Scars, Too, When Performing Surgery

January 13th, 2014 by Briarwood

Did you know that board certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Brown, have the reputation as being able to create the least visible scars from surgery? Generally speaking, plastic surgeons are not just concerned about restoring the function or aesthetics of a patient’s targeted area, but they also take extra steps in taking care to close incisions as well as possible, so that the resulting scar is barely noticeable. In other words, they take the scar into account when planning their patients’ surgery.

Some techniques that may be applied to minimize scarring during your cosmetic surgery procedure include those that relate to incision placement and to suturing technique.

Scars are placed in discreet areas, such as along a natural crease in the skin, or hidden at the hairline. It may even be oriented in an area where there is a natural border, such as the border of the areola if the procedure performed is breast augmentation (aka periareola incision placement). Because of the colour of the areola as well as the texture, a scar in that area would be very hard to see.

A suturing technique can be applied to minimize the tension on the incision line and seal the opening as tightly as possible, making a nicer scar.

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